Typar Landscape Fabric


If You're A Homeowner ...

You'll love what TYPAR can do for your garden or yard. TYPAR helps you keep your landscaping healthy and free of weeds.

Made of nonwoven spunbonded polypropylene, TYPAR is strong enough to block weeds - yet porous to ensure the passage of necessary water and liquid nutrients.

You can use TYPAR as an effective weed blocker in landscaped beds. As a liner for planters, you'll find that it improves soil drainage without soil loss. Or try it as a weed blocker under wooden decks - its permeability eliminates troublesome water puddling underneath, which in turn minimizes mildew and odor problems.

TYPAR is guaranteed to last for years to make your landscape look professionally manicured with minimal effort.

TYPAR® Landscape Fabric is ideal for: